With sleights learned from others and an ear open to melodic analogies I have set down words as a musician pricks his score, not to be read in silence, but to trace in the air a pattern of sound that may sometimes, I hope, be pleasing.

- Basil Bunting, preface to Collected Poems

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Confirmed: Tony Lopez

Further good news! We are very pleased indeed to inform you that Tony Lopez will also be joining us to read his poetry.

Tony Lopez is Professor Emeritus in Poetry at Plymouth University. His work on Bunting can be found in his book Meaning Performance: Essays on Poetry (Salt) and also appears  in the Durham University Journal, Basil Bunting Special Issue as a piece exploring Bunting's relationship with place: 'Under Saxon the Stone: National Identity in the Poetry of Basil Bunting'.

His recent poetic publications include False Memory (Shearsman, 2012), Only More So (UNO Press, 2011) and Darwin (Acts of Language, 2009).

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